May 05, 2017

When using a linux server as a router, *some* devices dont have internet or have limited connection to internet. I have a server running debian 10 as my router. For some reason, some devices arent able to connect to the internet but others are. The issue isn't limited to connection type, both wired and wireless devices have issues. networking - How to set up a linux server as a router Currently, however, I am in an office building, and I have the connection coming into a modem, which goes into a router, which goes into a network switch, which then goes into eth0 as specified above. Current Tutorials: I looked at some tutorials (Ubuntu tutorial is the best one), and I have looked at some of the router questions here (ie. The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch

Aug 08, 2013

SSH to the router for Linux/Mac User. The process on Linux and Mac OS are generally the same. Below we use Ubuntu as as example. 1. Launch Terminal. Click the Terminal icon to launch Terminal. Then, input the following command: SSH root@ If you have ever connected to another router, host key verification failed may displayed as follow: static routing configuration using 3 routers | Learn Linux Mar 25, 2015

Use Raspberry Pi 3 As Router : 10 Steps (with Pictures

Use an Old WiFi Router as Repeater, Wifi Extender, Access Jan 08, 2019 Building The Perfect Home Router | Hackaday Apr 12, 2018 Using Raspberry Pi as a Wired Router – Linux Hint This way, you can use your Raspberry Pi as a wired router. Or, you can connect to a network which has internet connectivity via the wired network interface, create a Wi-Fi hotspot using the Wi-Fi network interface of the Raspberry Pi and router the internet traffic to the Wi-Fi network interface.