Yeah, i keep on uTorrent for now, there is no many options, since most peers connected to me use uTorrent too, so i believe maybe it improve finding peers out. View entire discussion ( 6 comments) More posts from the torrents community

Apr 15, 2019 How To Speed Up uTorrent Downloads | Ubergizmo Seeders and peers for a particular torrent file decide how fast it will download The more seeders and peers are available for a particular torrent, the faster the download will be. Trackers are sources that track and provide seeders and peers for a particular file, the more trackers you have, there is a more chance of finding more seeders and "Finding peers" - posted in the trackers community

Congratulations! You have just set up Socks5/HTTP for uTorrent. If you want to check whether it really works, here is what you have to do: 1. Go to this website. 2. Scroll down until Torrent Address detection and click on this Magnet link. 3. A new window pops up. Choose the uTorrent program and press OK. Important: do not close ipleak website.

Finding peers from a .torrent file in Python - Finding peers. There are two types of announce URLs: UDP and HTTP. The protocols for these URLs are different. HTTP URLs are documented here and UDP URLs are documented here.The spec ends up being quite complicated; an easier route is to use an already implemented library.

Utorrent Blocked by Firewall / Antivirus. This is the most common problem for Utorrent not …

Nov 05, 2018