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windows - Why can't I map a network drive if I can ping I've tried mapping the drives through Windows Explorer and the command prompt, but neither works. In command prompt, I get the error: Multiple connections to a server or shared resource are not allowed. In Windows Explorer, I get the error: The network path \\servername\share cannot be found. I've also tried to access the server through the run DNS-323 Cant Map Drive after Windows 10 Pro update 1/16/2018 Jun 27, 2018 Mapping a Drive to i5/OS NetServer - IBM

Oct 10, 2018

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Jul 19, 2018 · Indeed, when UAC is enabled you cannot access a mapped network drive connected in the normal mode from an elevated app. Let’s see what the problem looks like. For example, let’s make sure you can access the contents of the connected network drive Z:\ in the command prompt run without privileges.