2.2 The history of censorship and classification in Australia is set out elsewhere and will not be recounted in detail in this Discussion Paper.[1] A précis of this history might start with important reforms that took place after the landmark 1968 case Crowe v Graham, which involved the interpretation of ‘obscene’ and ‘indecent’ under NSW

Jun 29, 2020 (PDF) Censorship in Australia: Intrusions into media Australia’s Press freedom is under scrutiny, and there seems to be a development of more penalties being inflicted on journalists and media representatives. Censorship in Australia: Latest News & Videos, Photos

Censorship and Classification in Australia – Parliament of

Why You Should Be Afraid Of Internet Censorship in Feb 05, 2010 Australian government sets global precedent with online

The Sydney 2018 Conference ‘The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia’ Whilst completing my degree I have experienced many strategies that are being used by industry/medical lobby groups to suppress academic debate on vaccinaton.. On 30 June 2018 a conference was held in Sydney titled ‘The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia‘.

Censorship - ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Jun 29, 2020