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Sep 12, 2009 · Re: 360 vs PS3 - Streaming Music from my PC You don't need to load the other program any time you want to play music, but you do need something doing the actual sharing. Windows Media Player should work fine for music - anything in your library will be accessible on your console. Apr 26, 2009 · Hey guys I know that its possible to stream music, video and photos from the pc to the PS3 using the WMP. But how do I do that under Win 7 RC 1 (7100) ? All the guides Ive fround by googling So your PS4 can display films, TV shows and other bits from your PC, you'll have to set up the PC so that it acts as a 'media server'. The simplest way of doing this is through a program called Universal Media Server (UMS), which shares your files across your home network, and lets the PS4 see them, and play them on your TV. AirMusic lets you stream Music to PS3, Xbox 360, Windows from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, painlessly. AirMusic costs $0.99 and is worth the price since it works with all DLNA enabled hardware. (Mostly all HD TVs, all gaming consoles support DLNA).

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Now you have set up the Windows PC as a DLNA Media Server. Stream PC movie to PS3 via DLNA. Playing DLNA Media Server content on PS3 is easy. DLNA Media Servers on the same network are automatically detected by PS3 and icons for the detected servers are displayed under (Photo), (Music), and (Video) section. How To Stream Your iDevice Music Library to PS3 and Xbox AirMusic is not only restricted to streaming your iDevice’s music library to a PS3 or an Xbox, but it can also stream your audio files to your PC running on Windows Vista or Windows 7. You just need to open your Windows Media Player and you will find your iDevice under the “Other libraries” category. How to Stream Web Content to Your PS3 « PlayStation 3

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