Having touble pinging a TFTP Server Connect a PC using the console port to a router for the perpose of UPLOADING IOS to a TFTP Server on my PC. I connect the PC Host to a router E0/0, I config the PC with a (static IP subnet mask ), and Config the router with a (static I

While am pinging from workstation to the server it doesn't ping and showing destination host unreachable. However when am pinging from server it works, and now if I am pinging from the workstation it also works. And this is only for few minutes; the … Network.Ping Method (Microsoft®.VisualBasic.Devices This example reports whether or not the server can be pinged by determining whether the Ping method returns True. If My.Computer.Network.Ping("") Then MsgBox("Server pinged successfully.") Else MsgBox("Ping request timed out.") End If Replace "" with the IP address, URL, or computer name of the server to ping. Pinging Server - Free Software Downloads and Reviews

3. Red – it means that there is no connection from this server location to the IP address or domain name you are pinging. If only one of the locations is red, like the photo above, it means that either our server in this location is down or there is no connection from this …

[SOLVED] localhost is pinging IPV6 instead of ipv4 May 16, 2013 Free Ping Test Tool - Ping your server or website

The other obvious thing is to check to see if the server is plugged in, and that it has an IP address, you are pinging the correct IP address and that there are no communication breakdowns between the server you are pinging, and yourself.

Apr 21, 2014 networking - How to monitor who is pinging me? - Ask Ubuntu Good workout @nux I liked it .. I also would like to add my trick I use to find who's pinging me by using avahi tool (can be installed from Synaptic).. When I run in terminal avahi-browse -rat, it automatically compiles full list of connections for example:. hostname = [xxx-xxx.local] address = [xxx::x:xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx] physical address = [xx.xx.xxx.xx] ipv4 or ipv6 port = [xxx] txt = [xxx]