any ui improvement mods for medieval 2 Medieval II so im really liking medieval 2 so far but man that ui is quite alien from what im used to, did a bit of searching for a ui mod but couldnt find one, not sure if im just missing where they are or if im just going to have to learn the new old ui

Medieval II: Total War PC . Linux Macintosh. Log In to add custom notes to this or Is there a command to take a UI-less screenshot, or a way to temporarily disable it? Leviathan412 11 years ago #2. You can hide the HUD's under the "UI Options" button on the Esc Menu during a battle. Boards; Medieval II: Total War; Any way to remove the Campaign map not showing my cities' name and information Try this: Go to My Computer and open your main hard drive.Then open up the Program Files folder.Find the folder that Medieval2 Total war is in( it's probably named SEGA) Open the Medieval 2 Total War Folder.There should be a CFG file called Medieval2,preferences(Don't get it confused with the folder named Preferences).If you open the file you will get a notepad with a bunch of options written Remove HUD? - Total War Jul 01, 2016 Medieval II: Total War - Modding Index - TWC Wiki

235 2 2 gold badges 5 5 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges In your code you are hiding just after setting the text. you need to wait for a while like for some seconds. you just want to show the message as notifications anywhere on the page.

Changing UI Size is Possible — The Sims Forums Yeah it would be nice if the UI with the Sim and the mood they are in would be smaller. Tab works wonders in hiding it to take pictures. I really wish the top right UI could have some added features like rotating and zooming out that the last three base games had. starcraft 2 - Is there a way to hide all of the HUD when

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