Help? Does timewarner cable use dynamic or static ip

One or more network protocols are missing from this Dec 30, 2015 Link Sys router, Static IP and Road Runner's Dynam I am using Time Warner Cable's Road Runner with a Linksys router and Windows XP for my wired home network. I have both my TCP/IP settings and router to automatically obtain an IP address, which works fine. When I want to host a game over the Internet, for example, Half-Life 2, I need to set my TCP/I North America DNS Propagation Checker Cable Onda: San Juan, Puerto Rico Ip Solutions: Houston, United States Comcast Cable: Chicago, United States Microsoft Corporation: New York, United States Time Warner Cable: Los Angeles, United States QuadraNet: Phoenix, United States Level 3 Communications address for spectrum cable |

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On April 28, 2014, Comcast and Charter announced that, assuming Comcast's merger with Time Warner was successful, Charter would acquire 1.4 million Comcast/Time Warner Cable customers, bringing Charter's subscriber total to 30 million and making Charter, by its own count, the second-largest cable operator in the If your Internet connection is through an Ethernet cable from the wall instead of through a DSL / Cable / Satellite modem, connect the Ethernet cable directly to the router’s Internet port. 3. Connect your computer to one of the ports labeled 1~4 on the Router with an Ethernet cable. 4. Power on the modem and wait for one minute. 5.

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My ISP says that it can provide an optic fiber connection with a pool of 4 static IP addresses (subnet i think). My question is that if I get that connection, 1 ip will be used for