3 Chrome Extensions to Block Unwanted Sites

#8 Chrome Nanny. Another Chrome extension that will help you never again regret spending time on non-productive websites, the time you could have otherwise spent working on your daily tasks, or bettering your professional self. Chrome Nanny allows you to block certain websites at certain hours, or to limit the time you there. For example, you 11 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Stay Focused Chrome Nanny is one of the best Google Chrome extensions to stay focused. It inculcates the habit of checking your browser from time-to-time. With this, we can block certain URLs like Facebook or any other for a particular period of time. How to Block Websites on Chrome Nanny for Google Chrome (TM) Nanny for Google Chrome is more like the extensions StayFocused and Website Blocker Beta. This is mainly used for letting the user stay more focused towards it goals and work rather than getting involved in other distractions and sites on the internet by allowing you to block a website in Chrome browser. How to block websites on Google Chrome - Quick Fever Nanny for Chrome. get it on chrome web store Nanny is another powerful chrome extension to block websites on Google chrome. The best part about this extension is that it comes with more options, such as specifying the amount of time you can spend on any website, managing lock downs and more. In other words, Chrome Nanny prevents you from wasting time on distracting web sites.

Aug 14, 2011

Jun 12, 2018 · Chrome gained inline extension installation support in 2011. The goal was to let users seamlessly install extensions from developers’ websites. But after seven years, Google has decided that the

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