Oh my God finally! I always found it weird when I discovered how to view the quality that it never went above 720p. I honestly assumed that my internet was too slow to stream in that quality and I was considering changing my Netflix subscription to the cheaper "view on one screen in 720p" option since I wasn't getting 1080p anyway.

How to use AirPlay with XBOX 360 and Windows Media Center In my case, I have my house full of XBOX 360 units connected as Windows Media Center (Windows 7) extenders to access live and recorded TV. They work quite well and it is probably one of the easiest way to stream live/recorded video if you don’t want to deal with multiple DVR units (and own a bunch of XBOX 360 – can get them on eBay for Using Netflix on your XBox 360 - XBox If you have an XBox 360 and a NetFlix account, you can stream movies LIVE to your TV through the XBox 360's internet connection! This is a great way to instantly watch and enjoy any movie in your NetFlix live queue. Here are step by step instructions. 1) Sign into NetFlix on your PC. If you … can you use netflix on a 4gb xbox 360 slim? | Yahoo Answers Dec 03, 2010 can i stream two xbox 360 with netflix - Verizon Fios

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How to Watch Netflix on Xbox 360 & Xbox One - TechOwns Apr 06, 2020 How to download/install Netflix on your Xbox 360. - YouTube Feb 15, 2017

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How to Download Disney Plus on Xbox 360 or Xbox One Apr 19, 2020 How To Stream Live TV to Xbox 360 When the channel that you want to consider as your favorite, highlight them and click the favorite icon. The said channels will instantly appear on your Xbox 360 media center. If you are an Xbox Live Gold member, you can download the Netflix application straight from your console so that you can watch TV shows and movies instantly.