Internet Explorer 11 two issues Not Responding & Long

Bypass proxy for? Adblock Plus for android — Digital Spy I've installed Adblock Plus on my phone. The instructions said to: Modify network config Show advanced options and choose Manual Set Proxy to localhost and Port to 2020. But it doesn't say what to put under 'Bypass proxy for'. I've had a look at the website but couldn't find the info. privacy - How to use Adblock AND a VPN - Android But as all traffic is routed through the VPN changing the proxy-name to "localhost" and the proxy-port to "2020" didn't help. It keeps on waiting for traffic on Port 2020. I guess it comes down to routing the VPN traffic through the proxy. But maybe there's also another solution to it (like another Adblock App that works differently for example).

I've been using the PIA app for the last week and really like it however I'm also trying to get Adblock Plus for Android to work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get both to work in tandem? Right now I just get a message that ABP is waiting for traffic over Port 2020. I've tried searching google and reddit but havn't found a solution.


Jan 04, 2018

Jul 29, 2014 Enable NetGuard's Hidden Ad-Blocking Feature on Your NetGuard is a well-established app known for its highly secure firewall, which blocks unwanted web activity from individual apps that can take up both precious bandwidth and battery life. Not quite as well known, however, is the fact there's a second official version of NetGuard that comes with a hidden ad-blocking feature, which can be activated with just a little tinkering in the app's Whatfinger – Whatfinger News These blocks of links usually have 3-4 political articles and 2 or 3 ‘topic’ articles such as Election 2020, World, U.S. News: Civ-Clash, Sci-Tech etc. We also aggregate the aggregates and bring you the best of Drudge Report, Bongino Report, Citizen Free, Free Rep., Bad Blue, Censored, Whatfinger Mag, Reddit, The Mix, etc – All of the