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6 Quantum theory of 2-state systems tobeabletoreadoff,by(15.3),explicitdescriptionsoftheoutputstates|a characteristicofthedevice.And,intermsofthosestates We also construct protocols for performing controlled traceless unitary operations with a 1-ebit resource and for performing global Clifford operations with a 2-ebit resource.}, doi = {10.1103/PHYSREVA.84.012333}, journal = {Physical Review. @article{osti_22038607, title = {Entanglement quantification by local unitary operations}, author = {Monras, A and Giampaolo, S M and Gualdi, G and Illuminati, F and Adesso, G and Davies, G B}, abstractNote = {Invariance under local unitary operations is a fundamental property that must be obeyed by every proper measure of quantum entanglement. Jul 21, 2020 · Birkhoff's theorem tells that any doubly stochastic matrix can be decomposed as a weighted sum of permutation matrices. A similar theorem reveals that…

1 Vector spaces and dimensionality

But finding a complex unitary C is not so easy when Z and S are complex; a nonzero column v satisfying v HSv = 0 generally requires three nonzero elements. In this complex case a simpler way to find C may be the Jacobi-like iteration described on p. 77 of R.A. Horn and C.R.

I'm having trouble fully wrapping my head around unitary matrices. I'm working on them in relation to quantum mechanics. The question specifically I am working on is: Given the Pauli matrices $\

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