Nov 09, 2017

interface "igb0" { prepend domain-name-servers; } However, now /etc/resolv.conf gets entirely rewritten and the only thing left is: #Generated by resolvconf nameserver Why did everything else go away and how do I prepend the local dns server without losing everything else? Static DNS – MX Linux Jul 20, 2015 Your Personal Intranet (Part 2). : 6 Steps - Instructables The prepend domain-name-servers; is the important part of the configuration. Adding the prepend option ensures that will appear on the top of the list of DNS servers. refers to the user's own computer. Whenever the user's computer needs to resolve a domain name, ''Lost connection to host'' fix? : paydaytheheist

Static DNS – MX Linux

prepend domain-name-servers x.x.x.x, y.y.y.y; Replace xx and yy with the primary and secondary DNS server addresses. Separate each address with a comma. Save the file and you’re done. That’s it! Enjoy! How To Make Changes In resolv.conf Permanent in Ubuntu

次の supersede domain-search と prepend domain-name-servers は、/etc/resolv.conf の search 行と nameserver 行に追加されます。コメントアウトでいいですね。 コメントアウトでいいですね。

prepend domain-name-servers; Edit #3 Given you're able to now ping servers using your router's DNS server when you added, but not the internet, I would suggest you add some external DNS servers as well using the above prepend option like so: