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On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app .; In the top right, tap your profile picture. Tap Use another account.; Choose the type of account you want to add. If you use iCloud,, or accounts, you might need to enter specific settings and an app password. If you check work or school emails through Outlook for Windows, select Outlook, Hotmail, and Live. How Do I Enable IMAP for Gmail On iPhone, iPad, & Computer Jun 18, 2016 How to Set Swiping to Delete or Archive Gmail on iPhone Jan 29, 2020

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Dec 12, 2019

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How to set up Google Mail, Yahoo!, AOL, and accounts on your iPhone Apple has already put the incoming and outgoing server information for the most popular e-mail providers on iPhone. If you use Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, or, do the following: Why Doesn't Gmail Work On My iPhone? Here's The Fix! Visit The Gmail Website And Check For Alerts. We need to visit the Gmail website to get a better …